fun-filled pre-wedding shoot Blackpool

I took a drive up to Blackpool last month to meet Louise and Lee for their pre-wedding shoot.

It was the third time we’d arranged to meet after bad weather and a bout of food poisoning had forced us to cancel two earlier dates. It was certainly third time lucky for us, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a single dodgy scotch egg in sight! We spent a couple of hours walking along the proms, jumping on the carousel, trying on silly hats and almost getting swept away by the incoming tide! Then to top it all off we went to the ballroom in Blackpool Tower for a bit of ballroom dancing! What a day!

Louise and Lee are getting married at Eaves Hall this week and it sounds like it’s going to be beautiful, I can’t wait! 🙂fun-filled pre-wedding shoot in Blackpool 2015-09-15_00072015-09-15_00082015-09-15_0009fun-filled pre wedding shoot Blackpool2015-09-15_0022fun-filled pre-wedding shoot Blackpoolfun-filled pre wedding shoot Blackpoolfun-filled pre-wedding shoot in Blackpool 2015-09-15_0018fun-filled pre wedding shoot Blackpoolfun-filled pre wedding shoot Blackpool2015-09-15_00122015-09-15_00112015-09-15_00132015-09-15_00162015-09-15_00142015-09-15_00152015-09-15_00172015-09-15_00202015-09-15_00192015-09-15_0021


What a fantastic pre-wedding shoot!
What more do you want than a super happy couple and the colour of Blackpool (I’m with Rachel – I don’t remember it being that colourful!)
Love the ballroom twirling shot!

Thanks Mr Wallace! 😉

WOAH such an amazing space for a pre shoot! It looks SUPER FUN! xx

Wow! I don’t remember Blackpool being this colourful! Lovely set and especially love the ballroom pics!x

Thanks Rach! Yeah it was a lot nicer than I remembered it! 😉

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