There’s no denying this 3rd lockdown has been tough! The others didn’t seem too bad in comparison, the first one we had great weather and then the second one didn’t last long and at least we had Christmas to look forward to! But this one, bloody hell! We went into lockdown at midnight on my birthday and even though I was OK for a while, the past couple of weeks have really started to get to me. I’m bored. I miss hugging my family, seeing my friends, going to the pub with Chris and I miss my job!

After Boris’s announcement on Monday I felt a huge relief, there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel after all! Just a few more weeks until I can get back to work, the gym will open so I can start swimming again and balance that with drinking beer in a sunny garden with my friends! Yay! Weddings can start up again from the end of March and I can start to prepare myself for June, July and August when I am going to be mad busy!

Then the emails started from couples moving their March and April dates to later in the year when there are fewer restrictions, and I don’t blame them at all! Why have 15 guests when a few months later you can potentially have everyone you want there?! Only problem is when I’m already booked for their new dates. There’s more money gone in the blink of an eye, and it’s been like this for almost a year! The life of a wedding photographer right now, swings and bloody roundabouts!

Any-hoo!! I felt a bit shit on Wednesday and didn’t get much done so when I saw the sun shining yesterday I thought “Fuck this, I’m going to the beach!” Cooper was obviously well up for it so off we went and we had a ball! He was legging it up and down the sand dunes, running around on the beach investigating the Iron Men, saying hello to as many people and dogs as he could and posing for me so I could get some new pics of him on my “proper” camera, which hasn’t been out much recently!

It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine and just getting out in the fresh air can alter my mood! I felt like a new woman after it! I feel happy, optimistic and motivated again now. And it’s Friday which means I get to have a couple of days off and re-charge before a new, more productive week (hopefully!). I might even have a couple of cheeky beers! Cheers!

If you’re thinking about celebrating the end of lockdown with a family, couple or dog photo-shoot then get in touch to book in!

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