autumnal pre-wedding shoot

A couple of months ago I met up with Jenny, Stuart and their cute boys for a pre-wedding/family shoot ahead of their wedding. We struck lucky with really mild weather and a gorgeous backdrop of autumn colours at the Festival Gardens in Liverpool.

The big day itself will be held at St George’s Hall followed by a reception at Oh Me Oh My in the city centre, fingers crossed we can dodge the showers!

Here are some of my favourites from their shoot 🙂

2015-12-18_0004autumnal pre-wedding shoot2015-12-18_00032015-12-18_00022015-12-18_00062015-12-18_00072015-12-18_00112015-12-18_00082015-12-18_00162015-12-18_00152015-12-18_00332015-12-18_00092015-12-18_00122015-12-18_00102015-12-18_00132015-12-18_00172015-12-18_00142015-12-18_00192015-12-18_00202015-12-18_00222015-12-18_0021autumnal pre-wedding shootautumnal pre-wedding shootautumnal pre-wedding shootautumnal pre-wedding shoot2015-12-18_00272015-12-18_00282015-12-18_00292015-12-18_00322015-12-18_00312015-12-18_0030

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