Wow! How fast this past year has gone and how amazing it’s been! Has it really been a whole year since this cheeky little ball of fluff and energy came hurtling into our lives?!


This little fella is like my baby and best friend rolled into one. He’s there every day keeping me company, either sleeping on the futon in my office while I work or pestering me to take him out on an adventure (because every day is an adventure when you’re a puppy!) He makes me laugh on a daily basis and a few times he’s made me cry out of sheer frustration! I wouldn’t change him though, he’s my Fat Head!

I wanted to share some of my favourite images to mark the occasion and some little stories as we go along but there are so many I really had to edit them down 🙂

This was the day we decided he was the dog for us, despite him jumping on me and wiping snot all over me! He’d been found on the streets at approx. 3 months old, he was underweight and picked up kennel cough (hence the snotty nose!) while he was at the RSPCA so he needed some TLC. We couldn’t wait to get him home and straight away he curled up in my lap and I was in love! You can read a bit more about his first few days with us here.

Luckily he was pretty much house-trained when he arrived (apart from a couple of little accidents the first week!), he quickly learned where his food came from and he still likes to sit in the bathroom while I’m on the loo!


He makes friends wherever he goes and has an eye for the ladies!


Being outside is the BEST thing ever!!



He LOVES the beach!


He also loves snoozing!


He’s a poser that’s for sure!


He’s a mummy’s boy…..



….though he does love his daddy too!



And of course, the little people!!

Wasn’t too fussed about his first birthday and the balloons didn’t last long!


He did enjoy his first Christmas with us though, probably because he got some of the left over food!


He loves belly rubs and chewing on my hands!

2 hoz blog tempDSC_1084


And let’s not forget, he has the famous staffy smile which I LOVE!!!

One thing that has surprised me since we got Cooper is the ignorance and downright rudeness of some people when they see you have a bull breed dog. Some people have picked their small balls of fluff up when we’ve walked past and I usually just smile and tell them he’s really friendly or I’ll stop and have a chat so they can see he’s not aggressive and he ends up playing with their dogs! On one occasion though I did have a lady shout at me to get him away because she didn’t like “those types of dogs” even though Cooper was on his lead, ignoring her dog AND I’d said good morning to her as we passed! Probably been brainwashed by the media!

Anyway, to finish on a good note, this is the little rat-bag one year on and I bloody love him to bits!! 🙂




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