Pre-wedding shoots

Pre-wedding shoots

A pre-wedding shoot (or engagement shoot) is a great way for you to get to know your photographer before the wedding day and to reduce some of the nerves you might have about getting in front of the camera. It’s just an hour or so of your time (unless we go for a beer or some lunch afterwards!) and not as cringey as it might sound, I promise! Think of it more as meeting up with a friend to go for a walk and chat about your wedding plans; the friend just happens to have a camera and is taking some relaxed shots of you both at the same time!

I always find it’s a good idea to choose a pre-wedding shoot location that is different to your wedding venue. So, if you’re getting married in a beautiful country house then why not have your shoot on the beach or in the city centre?

I’ve popped a few images below but if you want to see more, and get some inspiration for your own pre-shoot location in or around Liverpool then head to this blog post!

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