My little mate Max was 5 years old recently. I’ve been photographing Max and his family since before he was even born and I have loved watching him grow up! For this little boy the most important things in life are Iron Man, Dr Who, Star Wars and having as much fun as possible! I managed jumping on the bouncy castle for two minutes and was shattered, the boys just kept going and going, oh to be a child again! 🙂_1558family photography Liverpool_1555_1557children's portrait photographer Liverpool_1566_1560children's portrait photographer Liverpoolchildren's portrait photographer Liverpool_1561_1573children's portrait photographer Liverpool_1569_1568_1575_1576z0children's portrait photographer Liverpoolchildren's portrait photographer Liverpool


Emma these are fab! Obviously beautifully captured and their personalities shine through. But I’m so jealous! I wanna go on the bouncy castle!

It’s a lot more difficult than I remember, I was shattered after five minutes!

I smiled the whole way through these! You can tell how at ease this family are with you as every shot os so relaxed. I especially love the one of Max with his mum and dad all laughing their heads off on the bouncy castle. Fab for him to look back on all of these x

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