Talacre BeachI met up with Annie, Sam and their beautiful daughter Evelyn at Talacre Beach back in August.

Just to make the shoot even more interesting it was windy, with intermittent rain and they brought their dog Rupert along too! Somehow we managed to get the shoot done in the 30 minutes or so when it wasn’t raining, lucky or what?!

It was great spending time with this lovely little family and I’m really excited about their big day in February next year 🙂_1085_1086_1084_1097_1088_1089_1090_1092_1093Talacre Beach_1106_1107_1095_1096_1087_1098_1099_1100_1101Talacre Beach_1104Talacre Beach_1103


Ah a cairn terrier! Lovely breed of dog. Lovely pictures Emma, look like a lovely sweet little family 🙂

Aah, what beautiful and fun images! I’m sure these will be looked back on with big smiles for many many years to come!

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