Claire & Paul’s Ness Gardens and Mere Brook House wedding

DSC_8329-1Spring wedding at Ness Gardens

Claire and Paul were married last month on a beautiful warm and sunny spring day at Ness Gardens. I knew this would be a lovely, fun day as we’d had such a good time together on their pre-wedding shoot a few weeks before the big day!

Bridal prep took place at Mere Brook House which is set in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Claire was nice and relaxed when I arrived, enjoying some bubbly and giggles with the girls while dad Len had time for a bit of nature watching in the garden! We won’t mention Claire’s mum Pauline mistaking me for the cleaner, thanks Pauline!

I always love going back to Ness Gardens, there’s something new to see each time I go, depending on the time of year. I’ve shot a few weddings there now but this was a little different as Claire and Paul opted for an intimate humanist ceremony. It was laid back, funny and very personal to them, with readings from Claire’s bridesmaids and vows they had written themselves. After the ceremony we took a walk through the gardens, stopping off in various places to jump in bushes!

Mere Brook House wedding photography

The wedding celebrations continued back at Mere Brook where the sun continued to shine all day! I don’t think we could have asked for a better day. Fab weather, amazing family and friends, delicious food and some seriously funny dancing, complete with tie headbands, later on!

Mr & Mrs Lennon, thank you so much for having me along to capture your big day! xx

(Big thanks to Amy for assisting me on the day, carrying my bag and step-ladder round the gardens at Ness!)DSC_7643C&P-5C&P-8C&P-17DSC_7694C&P-18C&P-23C&P-26C&P-29C&P-15DSC_7671C&P-16DSC_7746C&P-41C&P-43C&P-44C&P-51DSC_7817C&P-52C&P-54C&P-57C&P-59C&P-60C&P-62C&P-65C&P-64C&P-66C&P-69C&P-72C&P-76C&P-78C&P-81C&P-82C&P-91C&P-94C&P-96C&P-97C&P-98C&P-99C&P-100C&P-103C&P-106C&P-107C&P-108C&P-112C&P-113C&P-115C&P-119C&P-120DSC_8049C&P-131C&P-132C&P-133DSC_8092C&P-137C&P-138C&P-139C&P-142DSC_8114C&P-148C&P-149C&P-150C&P-151C&P-153C&P-156C&P-170C&P-168DSC_8202C&P-182C&P-183C&P-184Mere Brook House weddingC&P-190C&P-193C&P-194Mere Brook House weddingMere Brook House weddingC&P-201C&P-202Mere Brook House weddingC&P-204Mere Brook House weddingC&P-214C&P-216C&P-217Mere Brook House weddingMere Brook House weddingMere Brook House weddingC&P-225Mere Brook House weddingMere Brook House weddingC&P-230Mere Brook House weddingC&P-231Mere Brook House weddingDSC_8389-1DSC_8405C&P-240C&P-239Mere Brook House weddingMere Brook House weddingC&P-245Mere Brook House weddingC&P-244Mere Brook House weddingDSC_8453Mere Brook House weddingC&P-254C&P-255DSC_8501DSC_8821C&P-260Mere Brook House weddingC&P-262-1C&P-266C&P-267C&P-269Mere Brook House weddingMere Brook House weddingMere Brook House weddingC&P-283Mere Brook House weddingDSC_8551C&P-277C&P-278C&P-297C&P-299C&P-302Mere Brook House weddingC&P-305C&P-306C&P-307Mere Brook House weddingC&P-313C&P-318C&P-320C&P-321C&P-323C&P-330C&P-339C&P-342DSC_8712C&P-346C&P-358DSC_8751C&P-355C&P-366DSC_8791C&P-369C&P-382DSC_8847DSC_8812C&P-375C&P-412C&P-415Mere Brook House weddingC&P-398C&P-433C&P-392C&P-395C&P-434C&P-440C&P-442C&P-443C&P-446DSC_9126C&P-453DSC_9142C&P-476C&P-460C&P-473C&P-472-1DSC_9253C&P-487

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