I’ve been photographing this awesome family for a few years now including Sally and Jimmy’s wedding last year! As their first wedding anniversary is approaching the family invited me back to their home to spend some time with them and capture how they are now, especially the children Tilly and Oliver who are growing so fast! We had a lovely time feeding the chickens, exploring the garden and getting soaked in a rapeseed field! It was a brilliant day and I always enjoy going to Huddersfield to visit, hopefully it won’t be too long before I see them again! 🙂

Thanks Sally and Jimmy for always making me feel so welcome and to your beautiful children for just being a joy to photograph xxfamily portraits235101112131820212426273033363739children's portraits4244children's portraits4748children's portraits5254566162636468children's portraits7477family portraits85family portraits8991959698100102103104106108109110112114116117118122

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