pre-wedding shoot Sefton ParkA couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful autumn day in Liverpool, I met up with Anthony & Jordan for their pre-wedding shoot.

We took a stroll around Sefton Park, chatting about their plans for the big day, stopping off every now and then for a kiss and a cuddle (them, not me!) before warming up at the cafe with possibly the worst cuppa I’ve ever had!

I’m a little bit in love with the colours from this shoot and a bit smitten with these two as well! Really looking forward to their wedding this Saturday at the Doubletree in Liverpool. I’ve been promised lots of glamour, sparkles, love and smiles! 🙂aj-2aj-4pre-wedding shoot Sefton Parkaj-9aj-11pre-wedding shoot Sefton Parkaj-13aj-14pre-wedding shoot Sefton Parkpre-wedding shoot Sefton Parkpre-wedding shoot Sefton Parkaj-24aj-21aj-29pre-wedding shoot Sefton Parkaj-34aj-32


Incredible work. Absolutely smashed it!

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