Lockdown LiverpoolCovid-19 and Liverpool

Last week I took my car into the garage in town for it’s MOT. Knowing I’d have an hour or two to kill I decided to take my camera with me. I hadn’t been into Liverpool city centre for a few months. The last time I was there was on March 20th for a wedding; the night the Government announced that all bars, pubs and restaurants were to close. After that we went into lockdown and trips into town were no longer possible.

Obviously a lot has changed in that time and we’ve had to adapt to a very different way of life. However, I wasn’t really prepared for how quiet it would be and how emotional that would make me feel. To be back in the city centre and to see some of my favourite places closed and streets deserted had me close to tears on a couple of occassions.

St George’s Hall, where I usually shoot a few weddings each year. Bold Street and surrounding areas, where I’ve enjoyed countless nights out in vibrant bars and amazing restaurants. The Pier Head and Albert Dock which are usually bursting with tourists. Liverpool One which is usually full of shoppers. All like a ghost town. All very weird!

It was quite nice to be able to take some pictures without having to wait for people to get out of the way though! And I discovered some street art I’d not seen before from Neil Keating and was also pleasantly surprised to see Penelope was still standing in Wolstenholme Square.

I did see some small signs of life around though, mostly construction workers and delivery vans; all busy preparing for some of the shops to re-open this week I imagine. But as I hate clothes shopping at the best of times there’s absolutely no way I’ll be heading to Primark anytime soon!

I feel I was quite lucky to have spent that time in Liverpool. To see it as I’ve never seen it before (and hopefully never will again!) now that life is trying to get back to some sort of normality, whatever that may be in this Covid-19 world.

I miss you Liverpool and hope I’ll be enjoying the hustle and bustle again soon and a nice glass of red in Leaf!

Stay safe xx
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Love these, Emma. You’ve really captured the cHaracter of liverpool – one Of my favourIte cities and where i was a student. Thank you for sharing. Sarah

Thank you Sarah! Glad you enjoyed them 🙂

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